• Ilias Xenogiannis

    Ilias Xenogiannis

    I am an electrical engineer student with a passion in data science.

  • John Hayes

    John Hayes

    I am a Data Analyst with interests in Data, AI, Python, R and front-end programming

  • Nguyen Thanh

    Nguyen Thanh

  • Mark Nagelberg

    Mark Nagelberg

    Professional data scientist. I write about data, programming, and learning productivity (esp. spaced repetition / Anki) https://bit.ly/38UyrDk

  • Iriszhou


  • Nicole Janeway Bills

    Nicole Janeway Bills

    Data Scientist turned Fullstack Engineer | Certified Data Management Professional | https://www.datastrategypros.com/

  • Brenda Hali

    Brenda Hali

    My digital memoir | I love to build and grow things using data | brendahali.com |📍 Washington, D.C

  • Nicolás Herrera

    Nicolás Herrera

    Co founder Hireweb

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