The Infinite Retina | Irena Cronin on The Artists of Data Science Podcast

Some notable segments from the show

[8:15] Some concerns with spatial computing

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Irena’s journey into spatial computing

Irena was an economics major, and her education led her to become an equity research analyst on Wall Street. She spent 8 years working as an equity research analyst, and in 2015, she was introduced to VR through a friend of hers. Ever since then, she has focused her attention into this space.

Where is the field of spatial computing headed in 2–5 years?

The field of spatial computing should be going more mainstream. Everyday people will start having access to this technology within the next few years.

Key takeaways from the episode

What is spatial computing?

[4:09] Spatial computing is all the technology associated with bringing a 3D realm to it’s users. This encompasses artificial intelligence, computer vision, augmented reality, VR, sensor technology, automated vehicles, etc.

Concerns of spatial computing

[8:15] The biggest issue associated with the technologies associated with spatial computing is the data that will be coming in. Privacy is also a concern, and details around privacy will need to be hashed out regarding what information companies will be collecting. Another concern is tech addiction, which will only get worse with spatial technology.

The four technical paradigm shifts


Spatial computing and autonomous vehicles shaping our future

[28:56] Autonomous vehicles can affect our culture in various ways. One example is that these vehicles can be used to bring things to you, rather than you having to leave to go somewhere. This is similar to us watching movies on Netflix in our homes, rather than going to the movie theater. Secondly, these vehicles will allow for the decentralization of cities. Public transportation will not be needed anymore, and commuting to work takes on a whole different meaning.

Being a woman in STEM

[43:12] The most important thing women can do is be extremely persistent. Any setback, whether real or imaginative, should not stop someone from going after their goals. Obviously, everyone needs to learn certain technical skills to succeed, but the continuous persistence is the key.

Memorable quotes

The one thing that Irena wants you to learn from her story

[46:12] Just do what you want to do and don’t let anybody stop you.

From the lightning round

Best advice

Don’t always listen to others’ advice, even if it seems to be well intentioned.

Saying on billboard

Have courage to do what you want to do.

Advice to 18 year old self

Travel more.

Topic outside of data science we should study

Behavioral science. You need to understand people, and how data affects people.

Recommended book

Animal Farm by George Orwell.



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