The Legend of Jeff Jonas | Jeff Jonas on The Artists of Data Science Podcast

Some notable segments from the show

[10:27] Jeff’s journey from high school dropout and bankruptcy to finding success

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Jeff Jonas on the need for entrepreneurs to develop products with high margins

Jeff’s journey into data

Jeff’s journey began when his mom introduced him to computers when he was 14 years old. This sparked his fascination with computers and data, and this carried over to his high school years, where he wrote word processors. He was able to make some money off of them, and that instantly hooked him.

Where is the field headed in 2–5 years?

In Jeff’s opinion, the field is actually beginning to flat line in certain areas. For example, it is going to take more than five years until we have autonomous cars on the road.

What will separate great data scientists from the rest of them?

The great data scientists will be able to converge multiple data sets. They will be able to gather secondary data from secondary sources, and weave together this data for more effective outcomes.

Key takeaways from the episode

How to be an entrepreneur

Another area to focus on as a data scientist is any type of fraud, waste or abuse detection product. This is a great place for data scientists and machine learning to find patterns in the data to quantify fraud and stop it.

Important soft skills

[23:04] Do not underestimate curiosity. Knowing where the data is and how it’s structured, how it flows and how to combine it, are very important soft skills to cultivate.

Word of encouragement for new data scientists

[31:44] Download some data, and start. Just work on stuff, even if it’s free, just to get your hands on real problems and real data.

Working on projects that have utility

[35:50] Focus your efforts on projects that have utility and are sustainable for society. Don’t be directionless with the projects you choose to work on.

Being accessible

[49:57] It’s important to be accessible. You can learn a lot by connecting with others. It also creates a lot of goodwill.

Memorable quotes

The one thing that Jeff Jonas wants you to learn from his story

[32:44] If you quit, there’s no chance a miracle will happen.

From the lightning round

Best advice

If you want to do really high quality work and build a reputation, you’ve got to really deliver on what you promise.

Advice to 18 year old self

Stay focused on things that are useful and sustainable.

Recommended books

What motivates you?

Right now, I’m just trying to make a difference, especially in this COVID world. I’m trying to make sure my team is doing well and their families are doing well.

Books and other media mentioned in this episode

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